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Psychological effects of Torture

Sri Lanka's Judicial Medical Officers, their concerns and the torture shortcut

Review of Medico-legal Examination & Documentation of Torture in Sri Lanka

Human Rights Commission Report On Methsevan - State Detention for Women.

Voices of Silence - Cases before a court of the people.

THE CASE OF DR W.R.PIYASOMA. Decision of the Professional Conduct Committee dated July 2007.

Make Sri Lanka miracle of anti corruption.

More silence makes more crimes

Why Was There No Cry To Bring JRJayawardene to Justice......

Judge denied a political detainee sit Advanced Level (A/L)

Police abuse cause death !

The True Prison. by Ken Saro-Wiwa,

Ramani's Story

Evil implications of the proposed 18th Amendment to the constitution

The mirror to see Asia

Rule of Law and Tamil Rights - key challenges of democratization....

Drugs or Vagrancy

Nilmini's Story: Choice of Husband

Susani's Story: Ignorance of Law

Piyawathi's Story: Custody, Care and Correction

Street protests against the denial of fair trial

Police changed the rape charge to Sexual Harassment.

Attempting to impose payment for higher education on poorly paid wage earners

Rizana Nafeek -- Death Sentence confirmed

Undayas & Andayas & 1978 Constitution .. by Basil Fernando

TORTURE COUNTRY By Ranga Jayasuriya

Rizana Nafeek and Suu Kyi; The sparing of young Rizana Nafeek from beheading in Saudi Arabia, and her return home to her family in eastern Sri Lanka, is all we need now to complement our relief and joy at the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar.

Police action comes under attack

Mentally Ill Psychiatrists?

Seaplane goes to the court

2011 : Make Law the King

Torture Chamber at Mirihana Police

Our time Heroes Mother and son

Vision impaired child is tortured by a teacher

OIC forced disabled rape victim to accept Rs. 10,000 in settlement

Torture And Impunity- Growing Concern Over The Wide Spread Use Of Torture In Sri Lanka

Police brutally torture a man in revenge for complaining to the human rights commission

Mentally retarded person tortured by Thalawakele Police

Bandaragame Police tortured an innocent man with chili in his eyes and nostrils after illegal arrest

Innocent man illegally arrested, tortured and forced to sign fraudulent documents by police .Mr. Vettuwel Wijayakumar (28) of Kallamale Estate, Bulathsinhala

Attorney General wrong to withdraw charges - CJ

Inspector General of Police should bear responsible

Tiring practices in Justice System.

Mr. IGP, Please accept my heartfelt condolences

Mirihana Police -Torture Chamber Case Court grants leave to proceed- Full Story

අපිව මරා දාන්න - දිනේෂ්ගේ මව ඉල්ලයි.

Torture victim and his family is terrified by Panadura North Police

Replacing investigations with gossip

Stop fabricating charges!!! -බොරු නඩු දැමීම නවත්වනු !

'Criminal Justice System, Law and Practice-

A Group lead by Monk and Politician protect criminal!

Police Squeezes Student's Genitals.!!!


Illegal Arrest ; Torture and Inhuman Treatment

Death of a Comrade.

AG takes over a private plaint in order to help the accused police officer

Development Proposal for the Medico-Legal Service in Sri Lanka


Submission to Mr. Juan Mendez Special Rapporteur on torture and Ms. Monica Pinto Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers 30th April 2016 Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in Sri Lanka - The present situation