Janasansadaya (Peoples Forum)



Towards a Sustainable and developed Society where Human Rights and Democratic Rights are Protected.



To Promote and Protect Human Rights



Eradication of Torture from Sri Lanka / Establish Rule of Law



Prevent Torture in all Government Institutions; Police, Prisons and other Detection Centers,Government Schools etc...



Organizing seminars, workshops, meetings, Discussions, Exhibitions,
Conferences, Street campaigns, Picketing, Peoples Hearings
Publication of books, pamphlets, handbills, posters.
YouTube, Blog, Website, Face book
Documentary Films


A group of persons who came together with the intention of a making a social and economic difference between the decades of the 60s and 90ís. The common factor that brought them together was their realization of a need to make a difference in the strategies followed during that time. It was a strong challenge to protect the diminishing civil and political rights in the aftermath of the unsuccessful 1971 youth uprising, the terror era of 1988, 1989 and 1990, and the aggravating arms struggle of the youth of the North and East. The main objective of this union was to try to face at least some of these issues.

The Way

The beginning of the activity was to provide knowledge and awareness on human rights. All activity was based not to teach but as paths to learn. Never was there a hesitancy to
change the path according to what was learnt. Today the activities to stop torture, are created to achieve the necessities of the objective. The path to this point was not smooth,
the way ahead is even more difficult.


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