" Empowering people: To challenge all forms of atrocities and injustices
to establish Rule of law and to eradicate torture."

Intervention & Empowering

Intervention is a course of action. It begins from the moment we come across a victim. First, we listen to his/her narration and understand the violation(s) and the situation. Then with the victim(s) we agree to the most appropriate action(s) to be taken. The action(s) depends on the amount/size of the violation(s) and the situation. The action(s) vary from case to case. For every action(s) taken the victim bares full responsibility. In real, all actions are taken by the victim. In the long run victims learn and understand tedious course of action and become empowered.

Awareness and Training

Raising awareness and training on Human Rights concepts, related laws, rules and regulations to the most vulnerable groups, state actors including professionals. All awareness raising and training programs are conducted in participatory manner. All programs are action oriented and aimed in changing the attitudes of the victims to challenge repressive systems, laws, rules and regulations.

Legal Assistance and Coordination

We, with the victim(s) proceed to take legal and quasi legal actions to get redress and justice. Itís a process consume time and resource including monetary. It include complain writing, referrals, representing, decimation of information and coordination.

Medical and Psychosocial Assistance

To overcome psychological stress and trauma we provide Counseling and Testimonial Therapies to the victims, families of the victims and the community. We also provide security to needy victims. We refer all victims who suffer from physical and mental disorders to relevant institutions/personals.

Campaigns and Lobbying

All campaigns and lobbying are action oriented targeting to bring pressure to state parties to take necessary steps to stop atrocities and to give redress and justice to victims. And they demand the state to take legal and disciplinary action against perpetrators.
From these actions people get empowered, people get a message and on the other side the state/government/bureaucracy get the message that the people are not ready to tolerate the illegalities.

Documentation, Research and Rehabilitation

We document all cases we received and intervened. We also document Judgments, rulings and recommendations related to HR violations particularly on torture and ill-treatment. We do research on related cases and institutions. Further we provide financial assistance to needy victims and their family to face the challenges from the perpetrators.


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